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Product Development


To date Sue has produced 203 fabric collections, 25 wallpaper / vinyl collections, and 13 trimmings collections. Sue can manage all aspects from creative concepts through to 'present to market' collections including:-

  • Overseeing all product areas of weave, embroidery, print and wallpaper collections.

  • Design direction. Design development. Mentoring designers.

  • Strategic planning of collection launches to maximise sales potential.

  • Direct liaison with leading industry manufacturers and design studios.

  • Sourcing, product development, pricing, quality control.

  • Constant supplier liaison and on-site manufacturing development.

  • Selection of final product; arranging pagination and layouts of pattern books for maximum impact.

  • Creating Presentation Sets for new collection launches.

  • Presenting collections to International Distributors & Sales Teams.

  • Global market knowledge, sales and market analysis.

  • Assisting with preparation of Sales & Marketing Briefs.

  • Constant trend awareness of design and colour.

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